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  • Automotive lubricants

    Eni has always been involved in the research and production of high performance lubricants for all types of engines; from the first synthetic oils more than thirty years ago to the current high quality products.

  • Transmission Oils

    In any vehicle application the transmissions play a key role to censure the availability and the usability of the power generated by the engine.
    Recently, transmission oils have undergone deep changes intended to guarantee the operation of the transmissions in more and more difficult conditions in terms of temperature and load on the gears.

  • Special Products

    Not only motor oils and transmission lubricants. In the automotive sector there are many other products for "accessory" applications but fundamental for the proper operation of every vehicle.
    Antifreezes, brake fluids, chassis greases and many other special fluids are included in this products typology.

  • Industrial lubricants

    Industrial lubricants are used in a large variety of equipments and applications.
    This deals with all types of products destined for the lubrication of industrial machines, such as hydraulic systhems, turbines, compressors, bearings, open and closed gears, machine tool slideway, pneumatic tools and industrial transmissions.

  • Metalworking Products

    Metalworking fluids is a macro-category in which there is a multitude of products for an enormous variety of uses related to the production processes of mechanical components of all types and sizes.
    Also in terms of composition, this is a widely varying macro-category in which mineral and synthetic oils are used, as well as all kinds of chemical products.

  • Greases

    People generally associate lubricants with oils but in fact there are a great many applications where non-liquid lubricants are used, with the most obvious of these being greases.
    According to the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), lubricating grease is a solid or semi-fluid substance containing a thickener agent and a lubricating liquid. Other ingredients such as additives and solid lubricants can also be added to give it specific properties.

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